Property investment and economic growth

We provide investors with easy access to attractive returns from future-proof residential properties in Danish and German growth cities.

Investments in Danish and German growth cities

We have chosen to invest in Danish and German growth cities with sustainability in mind because we believe it is a responsible and forward-looking approach to property investment. By focusing on sustainability criteria such as energy efficiency, environmentally friendly materials, and transportation solutions, we can contribute to creating more responsible cities while increasing the long-term value of our property portfolio.

Experience and expertise in the property industry

We have extensive experience and expertise in the property industry and have built a large portfolio of properties both in Denmark and abroad over the years. Our knowledge and understanding of the industry have enabled us to develop a deep understanding of the market and its trends, which is necessary to make the right investment decisions.

Partners and professional employees

We have a solid background and great expertise in the property sector, which is crucial to our success in investing in and managing properties. This has enabled us to build an organization and a team of professional employees and partners who are capable of delivering a high quality service.

Who is OCC Group?

We are proud of
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Residential investments with returns

OCC Group invests in residential properties located in Danish and German growth cities, where we see potential for both value appreciation and attractive returns. We are very careful in choosing the properties we invest in, and our strategy is based on a long-term and responsible approach.

We believe that our investment opportunities create value not only for our investors but also for the society around us. We contribute to the development of responsible and vibrant growth cities, where our residential properties add a quality mark to urban development. We are proud of our values and will continue to deliver attractive returns from future-proof residential properties to our investors.

To ensure the best possible result, we buy existing properties with potential for improvement, and we then develop them either for rental or sale. Our experience and expertise in property development are crucial to our success, and we are proud to have created a portfolio of properties that both contribute positively to society and provide our investors with solid financial gains.